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How can having a pet make your life better?

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Firstly, we all know that having a pet can be life changing. Many people treat their pets as members of the family and become attached instantly by their uplifting nature. Just like us, they have amazing personalities and are proven to act as a source of therapy for certain illnesses both mental and physical. Although all pets provide some sort of comfort, dogs and cats are believed to be the most common pets owned.

Improve your health

Exposure to pets in younger ages could mean that infants are less likely to develop any major allergies. This is because dogs and cats will stimulate the immune system, fighting off any infection in its early stages.

Walking your dog is also a great way to improve your health and keep you active. Many studies have previously shown that dog walkers with a heart disease condition could have prevented the disease if they had walked their dogs for longer each week. It has been recommended that dog owners walk a 150+ minutes per week to reduce risks of heart disease. Next time you see your pet, give them a big thank you kiss for keeping you healthy!


The most recognised therapy that pets provide is pure companionship. Many people who live alone rely on their pets to give them the love and comfort that they need. The act of petting can make you feel at ease and has been claimed to lower stress levels in both the owner and the pet. Shower them with endless attention and deserved treats and you will be loved unconditionally.


Meet people

Having a pet can make you want to socialise more with other pet owners. The common interest acts as a social icebreaker that leads to general conversation – making it easier to meet people. This can help those who are not as comfortable in certain social situations to become more confident with others. Although the physical presence of a pet will encourage social interaction with others, you can also join websites/pages online which set up for pet owners to communicate digitally.


As you can see, your pet can make a big difference to your life in so many ways. Although you may lose your favourite shoes to their teeth, you will live a long and happy life with their unsinkable spirit by your side.

That is why we say Pugs not Drugs, as a Pet can be a much better option than any other form of medication.

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