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Animals in the Movies

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Nothing makes a better movie than one featuring animals! From iconic films, such as ‘Babe’ (1995), a pig that is born and raised around sheepdogs, to the classic movie ‘101 Dalmatians’ (1961), where various animals get their revenge on an evil woman trying to steal their fur. The humour and intelligence behind these films are globally treasured and are still being watched repeatedly, many years after being released.

A fairly recent release that made a big impact on not only kids, but adults too (guilty), is ‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ (2016). The plot centres around an extremely loveable dog, Max, who adores his owner Katie. When she adopts a bigger dog, Duke, Max finds it hard to watch her show him the attention he so badly desires and has been used to getting! You witness other animals too – even gangster ones, such as Snowball the Rabbit. We all wonder what our pet’s get up to when we head off to work, and this film definitely widens your imagination.

Marley & Me (2008) is another one of our many favourites. As a well-known family-friendly action/comedy, you will be laughing one minute, then crying the next. Journalist John writes about his ventures with their precious Labrador, Marley. He causes trouble, makes a mess and doesn’t listen, but they love him unconditionally – and so do the readers! Marley eventually becomes unwell and is sadly euthanized with John by his side.

How about Stuart Little (1999)?!  Stuart is the cutest mouse ever, adopted by a human family – The Little’s. He has the best attitude, provides a wholesome entertainment for kids, but still can’t seem to win over his other family member, Snowball the Cat. I wonder why…

Throughout these films, we get to witness developing voices, expressions and personalities, which is what makes animal movies so enjoyable. Whether they are real or animated, it is a constant reminder that we need them, just as much as they need us.

Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about other films such as Lassie, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Lady and The Tramp, The Incredible Journey, and the latest – A Street Cat Named Bob.

Which animal movies are your favourites? We want to know. Email us at

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Animals in the Movies

Nothing makes a better movie than one featuring animals! From iconic films, such as ‘Babe’ (1995...

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